Mom, Did You Forget To Teach Me About Strangers & Other Things She Says.

Just two weeks into the whole H goes back to school thing it seems we’re finding our own groove, my little girls and I. Our days are our own with no lesson planning or structured details to get to, we do what we want and I’m fairly certain Miss E is liking it. She goes […]

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10 Months Old.

Someone turned ten months old just a few days ago! Or almost a week ago really. {Remember when I used to do these posts on time?} Miss F is more fun every day. Have I mentioned how much I love this age? It just gets more fun for me. She is super interactive right now […]

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A St. Patty’s Day Giveaway from Bruegger’s Bagels.


The greenest day of the year is coming! St. Patricks Day! Bruegger’s Bagels is getting into the St. Patrick’s Day fun with green bagels baked fresh throughout the day in each of its Minneapolis/St. Paul area locations starting Saturday, March 15 through Monday, March 17 (while supplies last). My family loves Bruegger’s Bagels and any […]

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Back to School.

At 6:15 a.m. on Monday morning, my alarm clock went off and I quickly sat up in bed, confused for just a moment about why I was getting up and then remembered. Today was the day H was going back to school. I’d gotten used to lazy mornings that lacked of alarm clocks and schedules. […]

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The Scarecrow and His Servant at The Children’s Theatre Company


The Scarecrow and His Servant open this week at The Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis. The play is an adaptation of an internationally celebrated book by Philip Pullman and is recommended for 3rd grade and up. When a lightning strike suddenly brings the Scarecrow to life, he sets out on an elaborate quest for fame, […]

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Shopping with eShakti


I recently learned of eShakti and had to try it out, with a family wedding and some conferences and events coming up I thought I should update my clothing options, especially when it comes to dresses. I love dresses, especially in the summer. There is something nice and convenient to be said about being able […]

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It’s 9:46 p.m. and I’m supposed to be reading. I’m headed to a media event tomorrow night for the movie Divergent and told myself I WOULD complete the book before hand. It will be close, friends. It’s been a little while since I did a lately post or even a good ol’ photo dump of […]

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Her Heart.

On Wednesday nights, right after my kids get done reciting Bible verses and singing songs about Jesus, I turn into the pumpkin-mom. The mom who hugs them and tells them good job and then spends the entire 4 minute drive home reciting what it is that will happen when we return home. “Remember, it’s late […]

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Guest Post: Mom Business Spotlight- Lolly Daisy


As a mom who loves initials and all things personalized I was excited to learn about Lolly Daisy and invited Kathy Schultz to write a guest post on her new to the scene business this year. Are you a fan of personalized kids stuff? Can you see yourself using LollyDaily? *** Parenting is a big […]

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Preserving Facebook Memories with My Social Book.


Everybody loves Facebook. For the way you can quick share a funny story, bad news, cute kid pictures and even ask for help. But, if there were one complaint I’d have about Facebook it would be this. How does one preserve all this? The kid stories and the pictures and the time you just didn’t […]

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