Looking for a Haunting Experience this Fall? Check out Zywiec’s in Cottage Grove {Giveaway!}


Let me just start by saying, I don’t like scary things. Spiders, zombies, blood and guts…eek. Not my thing. So when I got the invite to attend #MNBloggerBash at Zywiec’s I immediately asked if I could bring my husband. Here’s what I thought would happen. We’d go, we’d say hi, maybe have some dinner, check […]

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Things to Know Before you Go to the Minnesota Children’s Museum POP Up Museum at MOA


The brand new Minnesota Children’s Museum Pop Up Museum is now open at the Mall of America. Thanks in part to a grant from Minnesota Arts & Cultural Fund, this new space will be the perfect place for families to play while visiting the mall! Here’s a few things to know before you go: The […]

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Pony Parties at the Minnesota Zoo

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Boxed- Big Box Shopping At Your Doorstep

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 1.14.30 PM

Something caught my eye on Facebook recently and it was a link and a code to try out Boxed. The name rang a bell and I remembered I’d seen it elsewhere a couple years ago but at the time it wasn’t available in Minnesota. Well it is now and I had to try it out […]

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Five Things To Know About Junk Bonanza at Canterbury {Giveaway!}


Junk Bonanza is coming to town again. This will be my third time attending the gigantic vintage lovers dream. Each time I’ve come home with new, old treasures awaiting to decorate my home. {Think letters and vintage looking goodness.} If you are a junk-lover or aspire to be, here are five things you need to […]

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Secret Road Trip Weapon: WI-FI


I’m pretty strict with screen time in the summer. It’s only nice for so long in Minnesota and honestly, I just don’t like my kids sitting around mindlessly looking at iPods or video games. But. Roadtrips? All that goes out the window. Earlier this summer, my three littles and I went from Minnesota to Green […]

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The Patchery {Miss E’s First Day of School Outfit.}


Miss E is pretty in to picking out her own things to wear. Just this summer we cleaned out the closets and plenty of outfits I loved and thought would be adorable on her went out the door because they weren’t quite the look she was looking for. She knows what she wants which is […]

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On the Elusive Idea of Balance. {Or Having my Cake & Eating it Too.}


We’re in full summer wind down mode. I wrote most of this as the Minnesota air had shifted from hot and steamy to brisk and cool and already it’s warm again. The supply lists have been crossed off, the closets have been gone through and the countdown is on. To new routines and new teachers […]

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Keeping Kids Active as Summer Winds Down. {LeapFrog LeapBand Giveaway!}


It’s the end of the summer and while we all start out with the best of intentions we’re reaching the time of summer where some of that goes out the window. Especially if you’re the work from home type. This year we were pretty proactive in securing childcare two full days a week so I […]

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My 7th Stitch Fix


For over a year now, I’ve been getting Stitch Fix. It really does feel like Christmas every time one of the boxes arrives at my doorstep. I am always excited to see what goodies and have high hopes for what’s inside. Once again, I was NOT disappointed by the choices and this was the first […]

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