Staycation at Sheraton Bloomington + Lela Restaurant Giveaway CLOSED

Winner has been chosen and contacted- congratulations ELIZABETH! 

Last weekend we celebrated J’s 45th birthday with a little staycation at the Sheraton Bloomington.

Located the perfect distance from both downtown Minneapolis and the airport and Mall of America- it was a perfect location for us to zip up to Target Field for the Def Leppard and Journey concert for the evening. [That was my husband’s idea and birthday gift, by the way.]

Just last summer, Sheraton Bloomington underwent a 15 million dollar renovation and it is clear that not a detail was spared- the hotel looks exquisite.

From the time you walk through the doors of the beautiful, expansive lobby all the way to the hotel rooms, the remodel gives the hotel a modern and upscale vibe through and through.

Here are some of the amenities you’ll find at Sheraton Bloomington:

Sheraton Fitness Center
Business Center
Sheraton Club Lounge
Complimentary Wifi
Complimentary Starbucks Coffee & Tazo Tea
Pet Friendly
Free Self Parking

And of course, Lela Restaurant.

There are various room options from 400 square foot rooms to 1000 square foot suites. Sheraton Bloomington spoiled us forever by hosting us in one of their suites and I’m pretty sure they’ve ruined us for all future hotel stays- nothing will quite compare.

We loved the separate living area and tv’s in both rooms, a jetted tub, in room coffee and treats and bathrobes.

It was a cozy and comfortable night of rest and we enjoyed a yummy brunch [complete with blood orange mimosas] at Lela the next morning.

Now here’s the really fun part….

Sheraton Bloomington has partnered with me to give away a one night’s stay and a $100 gift certificate to Lela to one reader.

You can enter the giveaway by commenting below why you deserve a staycation?

*Don’t be alarmed if you can’t see your comment right away- it sometimes takes time for it to publish due to the spam blocker and increased traffic on the site. All comments should publish within 48 hours.*

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I’m so thankful to have a working relationship with Sheraton Bloomington and Lela. All images and opinions are mine. Winner to be chosen via on Friday August 10 at 8 a.m.



  1. Sarah Rogstad says

    It’s more the idea of being away but still close I love about the idea of a staycation. I’m constantly doing for everyone that I forget to do for myself. The idea of just relaxing and being maybe pampers sounds like something I could do.

  2. Hello!!! I’m totally going to play the card I never play… Single Mom!! Who’s daughter loves my bed more than her own!!!!
    I honestly would go alone lol or maybe with another mom friend for a night out. Oh that would be fun!
    Maybe even bring the dog since it’s pet friendly???

  3. Gina Holland says

    Looks like you and J had a great time!! I would love to win the staycation for myself and Steve. It would be nice to get away for a night and forget everything that we are going through with his cancer and transplant.

  4. Three kids… need I says more??! Summer vacation isn’t really vacation anymore! A nice staycation break with my hubby would be awesome!!! School starts in less than three weeks so back to work and adulting!

  5. Jane Schimmel says

    We would love a staycation. We have been married for 35 years and have never had the opportunity to stay and dine at such a nice place. My husband Karl and I would LOVE this

  6. Stephanie says

    We NEED a staycation because our last date night was ages ago! Looks beautiful and convenient!

  7. I’m going to play a card I never play… Sing Mom! Momma needs a break.
    Maybe I’ll invite another mom friend for a night away? Good idea!

  8. cheryl larimer says

    I need a staycation! We have a lake home and I have spent the summer cooking for all our guests…cleaning before and after their visits and playing hosts to lots of friends and family. I’m exhausted and would love a staycation just for me.

  9. I just got home from a short but exhausting hospital stay with my son. During that time my husband stayed home with our daughter and the puppy. The puppy got a bacterial infection and made a disgusting mess of the house and had to go to the emergency vet. I just want to sleep after all of that!

  10. Allison Dimler says

    I deserve a stay cation, because I’m a stay at home mom who literally spends all of my time with my kids. I haven’t had a whole night to myself in years. This would be an amazing getaway for myself and my other half!

  11. Allison Dimler says

    It looks like my last comment didn’t go through? Let me try this again! ?

    I think I deserve a staycation because I spend literally ALL my time with my kids. I’m lucky if I get to go grocery shopping alone. Not complaining, I love spending time with my kids, but I haven’t had a whole night to myself in YEARS! This would be an amazing getaway for myself and my other half!

  12. Elizabeth says

    As a mom of two with a third on the way, this would be a lovely baby moon! A night away but close enough to Home to feel comfortable. We did not have the opportunity to take one before our previous children. Thank you so much!

  13. Everyone deserves some time away and what better place than a stay-cation not super far away!

  14. Lea McElrath says

    Because it’s our 15 year anniversary in just a couple weeks and we don’t go anywhere without our kids!

  15. I have a brand new driver in the house – I need to get away…but not too far away just in case! lol

  16. I’d love the opportunity to go on this staycation because I’m currently between contracts and budget friendly fun is high on my needs list these days. I would love to spoil my nieces and have them join me for a fun night of movies, yummy food and hotel pool fun!!

  17. Nicci Ahrens says

    I deserve a staycation because my husband and I could use a night away from the kids!

  18. Nikki Kephart says

    Would love a fun night away with my hubby. Just found out 2 kids need braces and one needs wisdom teeth removed so a free vacation is needed because we are going to be broke after all this dental care!!

  19. Looks like a beautiful place, Samara! I’d share a night stay-cation with my husband. Our 14th wedding anniversary is just around the corner and this would be an awesome surprise gift to us!!!! Thanks!!

  20. Tuesday C says

    I would love a staycation because I have heart failure and cannot be too far away from home and my doctors so this would be a perfect way to feel a little spoiled but still be safe. I cannot even remember the last time I had any time of vacation and I would feel so blessed to win!

  21. Jen Mager says

    Moved several people these past few months: 2 sets of parents 2 college students and 1 sister. Need to get away!

  22. Sounds like a dream! I would love to win the staycation and either just enjoy it with the husband or bring the whole fam! I have seen this particular location many times but seeing your pics puts a whole new perspective.

  23. Nate Baustad says

    My wife and I are planning a week long staycation trip to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary with small trips around Minnesota and activities around the Twin Cities. This would be so perfect for that trip (and save us a lot of money!)

  24. In addition to spending most of the summer at home with two kids, this month I’ve been house- and pet-sitting for three different families. I think it’s OUR turn to go someplace fun.?

  25. Tricia Huckle says

    My friend and I were both divorced this year, and we are busy with our kids so much it is hard to find time to relax and spend some quality time together. A staycation would definitely help us re-energize and be better moms to our kiddos.

  26. Mary Beth Dahlheimer says

    I would love a staycation because summer is almost over which means I will need to go back to work. I had a rough end to my school year, and want to start the new school year off right. The night away might be a great way to step away and relax. I would also love a date night with my husband and leave the kids at home. Appreciate the chance. Thanks.

  27. Ann Deuel says

    We live 4 hours away from our 5 Grandchildren and it would be so fun to be able to come to the cities and have a mini vacation with them!

  28. Lisa Bissen says

    It has been over a year since my hubby and I have done an evening away (or had a date!) It would be perfect for our 19th anniversary in October!

  29. I would love a staycation to be selfish for a change and celebrate my August birthday.
    I’ve been a SAHM for almost 7 years and basically stopped celebrating my birthday 9 years ago after having my first son. My son’s all have birthdays right in a row (Aug, Sept, and Oct) with mine falling in the middle. Since I don’t add to the budget I always feel guilty to spend anything on myself or really acknowledge my birthday during this time. Instead I put it all into the kids.
    Winning a staycation for us next to our favorite place to stroll (MOA) would be amazing.

  30. I don’t deserve nothing. I’d just like to get-away from it all.

  31. Samantha Johnson says

    Well this wouldn’t typical be a staycation for us as it is about 5 hours away, but would love to have the excuse to leave the kids home since I feel like summer revolves around them! And I can’t remember the last time we got away!

  32. I’d love a staycation. I was just looking at pictures and the last time my significant other and I got away for an overnight was in 2013.
    I’d love to sleep in a bed with no kiddos for an evening!! That would be bliss

  33. Too often we feel we need to “go some place” to get away, when in truth some of the best place to “go” are closer than you think. This would be a much needed time of renewal.

  34. Jennie Teske says

    With my “baby” entering her senior year of high school this year, we sure could enjoy spending some quality girl time with her.