The Best Summer Ever at Children’s Theatre Company: Three Things To Know Before You Go

Last weekend, Miss E and I had the privilege of attending opening night of The Best Summer Ever at Children’s Theatre Company.

This is probably the first time I’ve gone to a show knowing literally NOTHING about it. I wasn’t sure what to expect but have yet to be disappointed at a CTC show so knew we were in good hands.

I really enjoyed it and so did Miss E. Though a good amount of the humor was funnier for me than her, mostly because it brought me back to my own childhood summers.

The Best Summer Ever is at CTC until July 29 and tickets are still available.

If you’re interested in attending or trying to decide if this show would be a good fit for your kids, here’s a few things you need to know before you go:

1. The cast is made up of just two people. Kevin Kling is the narrator and story teller and Victor Zupanc is the musician. On a related note: Kevin Kling wrote the stories and poems and Victor Zupanc composed the music and wrote the lyrics.

2. Kevin Kling helps bring awareness to differences. Right away, the audience will notice that Kling’s arms aren’t like everyone else’s and he also points this out during the show.

3. The play is just one hour long with no intermission but is truly aimed at older elementary kids. I brought my 9 year old and she enjoyed it but admittedly some of the humor and stories went over her head. I wouldn’t bring kids younger than her.

We really enjoyed the show and the creative storytelling. Have you seen The Best Summer Ever?

Disclosure: I’m so thankful to have a working relationship with Children’s Theatre Company. In exchange for my review, I was given complimentary tickets to opening night. This review contains my opinion. Photos are used by permission from CTC.