Helps Choose the Right Vehicle for your Carseat

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Car seats have always been very important to me because we drive a lot. We live in an area that to get most anywhere we have to get in the car so from the time my kids were infants to now, rarely a day goes by that they don’t get in the car.

But when you have your first baby choosing a car seat, knowing how to install it properly and making sure your child is safe in it can be really overwhelming.

Nevermind the fact that going to your local baby store has more options that most of our brains can compute.

Photo from Cars.Com is trying to help families by scoring cars and giving them car seat ratings and ultimately creating an honor roll of vehicles. This means that they install a rear facing convertible seat, a forward facing convertible seat, an infant seat and a booster into vehicles and then rate them for space, the LATCH system and how well it works and the ease of installation.

It’s super helpful to know where your car stands as far as carseat installation because every car is different and what might fit perfectly in a minivan might not fit so perfectly in a compact car.

You can watch a quick video over on for Cars.Com’s Car Seat Honor Roll for 2017.

Have you ever car shopped with a car seat in mind? What kind of car works best for your family? 

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