Field to Fork 2017 at Wolfcreek Dairy

A few weeks back, J and I were thrilled to go to a Field to Fork dinner with Common Ground Minnesota at Wolfcreek Dairy Farm in Dundas, Minnesota.

When I say we were thrilled, I mean that J saw the invite and literally CLEARED his schedule to make it happen. He so enjoyed the event last year that he knew we had to go again this year.

Common Ground Minnesota is an organization of farm women who volunteer their time to share information about farming and food. Together, this group of women raises a variety of conventional and organic crops, livestock and produce.

They host various events to help share their experiences as well as science and research to help us as consumers sort through myths and misinformation surrounding food and farming.

This is the second Common Ground Field to Fork dinner that we’ve attended and both have been so interesting and inspiring to learn about ways farmers right here in Minnesota are growing our food.

The event at Dundas Dairy Farm included a tour throughout their farm and learning about the way the family farms. Jeff and I were able to ask all sorts of questions about the milking process, how many babies are born each year and even lay eyes on a set of calf twins born earlier that day.

In addition to learning more about dairy farming we were able to talk to other farm women who were hosting the event who farm cattle, wheat, grain, etc.

All in all it was a really fun night. The atmosphere is so beautiful and the dinner is always amazing. We love learning more about where are food comes from and in the end it makes us much more intentional shoppers.

Special thanks to Common Ground for inviting us. Thankful for the work you do.