Guest Post: Stomp! at Ordway through Sunday!

I was invited to Stomp! at the Ordway and sent my sister, Adrianne and her boyfriend in my place. Below is their review. All words and opinions are hers and no compensation has been exchanged between the Ordway and myself.
I will never look at a broom in the same way again.
As the show began, a solitary performer stood center stage with just a broom. With light whisks across the floor and taps with the broom edges, the sounds transformed into beautiful rhythmic music that brought intrigue to the entire audience.
As the additional performers came out to join the first ‘broom master’, the magic began. The audience moved to the edge of their seats in anticipation of seeing and hearing something simply astonishing!

These performers aren’t just percussionists, they are comedians, actors, and athletes. Without a word said the entire show, the performers brought us on an adventure that was understandable and quite funny! And let’s talk about the physical work that goes into making these harmonic sounds. It wasn’t just ‘banging on weird stuff’ as I originally expected, it was a full blown dance that encompassed their entire bodies. While utilizing unique materials, they also tap danced their way across the floor, onto the loft, into the audience and in circles around each other.
Without a word, they got the audience to participate in certain portions
Lighthearted, astonishing, and enjoyable are the best things I could say about STOMP. I walked out of the beautiful Ordway with a skip in my step to a whole new rhythm. And oddly… a strong desire to sweep.
Go check it out! It makes a fun date night out!
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