Five Things I Love about the 2017 Britax B Ready Stroller


It’s a little known fact that I’m somewhat of a stroller snob. Back in the day of my first baby, I had somewhat of a collection of strollers. Full size, umbrella, joggers, doubles. We were like a stroller depot and I had a surplus of options.

Fast forward to today and my last baby is 3, so almost out of the stroller stage but also not really out of the stroller stage. Because have you ever seen a moose loose at the Mall of America? That’s what I compare small children without strollers to.

After 10 years of strollers, I know what I need and want in a stroller and that’s safety, convenience, comfort and a big ol’ storage basket. Lookin’ pretty helps too.


Photo from Twin Cities Moms Blog

The 2017 Britax B Ready stroller offers all that and more. Miss F and I were excited to attend a special Britax and Twin Cities Moms Blog event last week where we got to take home our very own new stroller. I’ve owned and used many strollers but I’m pretty sure this one’s my favorite and here are the five things I’m loving about it so far:

  1. First and foremost, Britax is a company I already know and trust and we’ve purchased several of their car seats in the past. They always earn top safety ratings and a company that’s committed to safety is important when I think about the items I’m using with my small children. From the five point harness safety belt to the press on press off wheel lock, the safety features on the stroller are numerous. britax8
  2. The Britax B Ready stroller is extremely versatile. With an add on second seat, there are 12 different seat configurations, including four different recline options for the front seat. I also love the idea of having your child face you sometimes too, especially naps. Bonus: Britax also offers a surplus of add on accessories to make the stroller your own. My favorite? The organizer which includes a place for my coffee and her water and a few snacks too. britax
  3. It’s a smooth ride. We’ve all had those strollers that get their wheels stuck or are impossible to keep straight and smooth. That will not be a problem with this stroller. The foam filled tires and suspension makes it a great ride and it’s easily the best stroller I’ve ever used when it comes to maneuverability. No more wheels getting caught up in the door at the mall. britax4
  4. It’s so pretty! The sleek style and shape of the stroller including the canopy that will protect from all the elements make it a visually appealing stroller. There’s several color options available but we chose mist. britax6
  5. Ease of use: It folds up in 2 seconds flat and unfolds just as easily. There’s nothing worse than the fold/unfold struggle in the parking lot, am I right? And then there’s the storage basket. So much space for everything you need. When we use strollers we tend to have the whole crew which means sweatshirts and water bottles and bags get thrown down there and I’m often digging for my purse. With the front zipper, I can easily access my purse or wallet without having to unpack the entire basket.


Have you ever owned a Britax product? How about a Britax stroller? What features on the Britax B Ready stroller have your eye?


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and partnership between Britax, Twin Cities Moms Blog and City Moms Blog Network. I received a 2017 Britax B Ready stroller in exchange for my review, event attendance and social postings. All opinions expressed are mine and photos, unless otherwise noted, are mine.