Groupon Makes Finding Things to Do with Kids Easy

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are mine.

I am always up for adventures with my kids. I’m a firm believer that experiences are always greater than things which is why when you come to our house you’ll see we don’t have the latest and greatest anything, rarely buy toys {like maybe Christmas?} and why I try to limit my kids electronics/tv usage as much as possible.

That’s not to say we don’t have nice things, we do, but we just choose to spend money on experiences, travel, seeing and doing things.

But doing things can get spendy, wanting to try something new and not sure how the kids will like it can be risky. Enter Groupon.

There are always a surplus of activities and deals for local events and happenings on Groupon. We’ve used Groupon Things To Do to try new things and also visit places we’ve been a dozen times before.

From bowling to painting to swimming and even sightseeing, there is always something on Groupon worth checking out and saving a few dollars in the process.
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We most recently used a Groupon Things to Do deal for a local bowling alley and laser tag but other times we’ve used it for date nights and other venues.

Right now, if you’re in Minnesota, there’s a Valleyfair admission Groupon that will save you $20 on admission! SCORE!

Have you used Groupon to discover and save on things to do in your area? What’s been your best deal so far?