Four Things To Know About Beauty & The Beast at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre

A few weeks back we had the opportunity to take two of our kids to Beauty and the Beast at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. It was such a fun and special night. The kids loved the atmosphere, the dining experience and the show. They were giddy with excitement about their special grown-up night and slept the whole drive home.


Beauty and the Beast is still at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre through the end of September and is definitely a family, friendly show so if the idea of taking your kids to dinner and a show is appealing, this is the one to try.

If you decide to bring your kids here’s four things to know before you go:

  1. 1. Children must be ages 5 and up to go to Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. Under age 5 might not have the attention span and you really want to make sure that not only they, but the people around them, will enjoy.
  2. 2. Beauty and the Beast follows the traditional storyline so there are some parts that some kids might find scary. Think of the loud and boisterous beast and some dark and scary woods scenes. Think of Belle trapped in a castle alone. Some young kids might find this scary. Keep that in consideration when deciding if you’ll bring them. There are a couple scenes that take place off of the stage and within the audience too.
  3. 3. While you can dine and enjoy the show at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, you can also buy tickets just for the show and enjoy an a la carte dessert during intermission. These tickets are available 10 days or sooner to show date and only as available.
  4. 4. Evening performances go late. Most evening shows don’t begin until 8 p.m. with an intermission in the middle, it can make for a late night. {Specifically, Beauty and the Beast is 2.5 hours long} Prepare ahead by having your child have some downtime and if your kids are like ours, they’ll sleep the whole way home.

My kids really loved the evening. Before we went, I think that H {our 10 year old} was hesitant about going but he was mesmerized the entire show and afterwards couldn’t believe the talent that was on the stage.

My favorite scene was the scene where Gaston was in the pub. The dancing, the choreography with the clinking of the mugs and the energy level of the cast during that scene is like nothing I’ve ever seen.


Tickets are still available for the last six weeks of Beauty of the Beast, but they are selling quickly so if you’re thinking of going buy tickets now.

Disclosure: Chanhassen Dinner Theatre invited our family to attend Beauty and the Beast for review purposes. All opinions expressed are mine. Photos are used with permission from CDT.