Title Nine Fit Fest Could Change Your Life

I think it was Oprah who many, many years ago announced that getting fit for the proper fitting bra was life-changing.

It is. Indeed.

That said, bra shopping isn’t fun and exciting and to be honest, most of the time I just want to get out of there.

And then there are sports bras. I did that whole KonMari method this past spring and I threw away so many sports bras.

Too small.

Too big.

Too stretched out.

No elastic.

For the most part my sports bra shopping has entailed a walk through Target, grabbing a sports bra that goes by the size of S, M or L and skid addle.

This is why I was very excited when Title Nine Edina invited me to come in for a fitting.


Did you know that the lack of a good fitting sports bra is often the biggest deterrent to regular exercise? {Myself included}

Did you know that the average American woman wears a 36C but that the vast majority of sports bras are made for A or B cup?

I was excited to get fitted and actually wear a well fitting sports bra {and just a forewarning now that I’ve found one I love I may never wear anything different!}

Molly was my “bravangelist” and she “fit” me last Thursday night. Prior to the event, Title Nine had asked my size, to which my answer was, “umm, the last time I bought bras 18 months ago this was my size…”


Never worry, help is on the way, that did not worry Molly one bit. She was awesome at making me feel comfortble and bringing in several styles that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise tried.

titlenine6One thing I noticed about Title Nine is that while they do carry their own brands they carry lots of brands that I already love and have purchased before from stores like REI. We joked that Title Nine is an REI for women.



I also loved that Title Nine had a small area for kids to sit. As a mom, shopping alone doesn’t happen often so it’s nice to know there’s a place for my kids to hang out while I shop. {I plan on heading back later this week for a new swim suit. EEK!}


Once I had tried a few options, it was time to put them to the test. I consider myself pretty low impact when it comes to exercise, I do a lot of walking with my kids and we also enjoy biking around town but I really don’t run anymore and aside from some at-home work outs I really don’t do much high impact.

I ended up choosing the Tech Athena Sports Bra and like I said above, I love it. I’ve pretty much worn it any chance I can since last Wednesday.

A good sports bra does make me feel like I can be more active. If you’re local and wanting to get fitted, you’re in luck because Title Nine Edina is hosting TWO nights of fittings this week that are totally FREE.


You can RSVP by calling 612-238-9992. Or find your local Title Nine store to see when Fit Fest is in your area.

Also, Title Nine would like to give one of you a free professional fitting and FREE sports bra of your choice.

To enter:

  1. Leave a comment sharing WHEN you last bought a sports bra and WHY you need a new one.
  2. For an additional entry, follow Simplicity in the Suburbs and/or Title Nine Edina on Facebook and leave a comment for each like.

Winner to be chosen and announced Wednesday June 29. This contest is only open to US residents and if you live within driving distance of a Title Nine store you’ll have to redeem your free sports bra in person.

Check out what my friends Anna from Girl with Blog and Bert from First Time Mom had to say and enter their giveaways, too.


Disclosure: I received a free sports bra from Title Nine in exchange for attending the event and sharing my experience. All opinions expressed are mine.


  1. I bought my last sports bra at the beginning of softball season (last year)–so its time for a new one! thanks!

  2. Lori Hansen says:

    I bought my last sports bra off the internet 6 months ago and ended up donating it because it wasn’t comfortable. I wear them often so would be nice to have them fit and be comfortable!

  3. I have never been fitted! I would love to win

  4. I bought a new sports bra a couple of months ago from Target. I would LOVE a professionally fitted sports bra! That would be amazing. I started working out at the beginning of the year and I could definitely use another one!

  5. Liked Title 9 on Facebook

  6. I just grabbed a sports bra from Target LAST WEEK b/c none of mine fit and I’m sick of trying to find ones that do… SIGH!

  7. Liked Title Nine on Facebook.

  8. Definitely a Simplicity in the Suburbs liker/follower….

  9. I have no idea when I bought my last sports bra. I have tried but could not find one that for forever 🙁

  10. I bought my last sports bra a good two years or so before I got pregnant with Ollie and was getting into running – I need a new one because I’m doing a triathalon and well, my “girls” have changed sizes quite a bit after having Ollie!

  11. And I like your FB page 🙂

  12. My last sports bra purchase was made November 2014! In the past 1.5 years I was pregnant, had a baby, and nursed! Now that I am finished breastfeeding I could use a sports bra with a proper fit!

  13. My last sports bra purchase was made November 2014! In the past 1.5 years I was pregnant, had a baby, and nursed! Now that I am finished breastfeeding I could use a sports bra with a proper fit for my C2

  14. C25K 🙂

  15. It’s been a few months since my last new sports bra but a FREE one would be awesome!!

  16. Katie B says:

    I just bought one from Old Navy a few weeks ago, but it’s really more of a covering than a supportive piece of equipment. I’d love to wear a supportive, properly fitting sports bra for once!

  17. Katie B says:

    I like “Simplicity in the Suburbs” on Facebook!

  18. Katie B says:

    I like “Title Nine Edina” on Facebook!

  19. I bought a sports bra last year before I did am indoor triathlon. And it is so uncomfortable while actually working out! I’m training for another triathlon this summer and would love a new sports bra for that!

  20. And I like your Facebook page.

  21. I bought one last year & would like to find another one for workouts.

  22. Stephanie says:

    Oh dear, last sports bra was 4-5 years ago!

  23. Stephanie says:

    I like Your FB page

  24. Stephanie says:

    I just liked Title Nine FB page!

  25. Erika A. says:

    I bought my last sports bra about 3 months ago when I realized that none fit right. I just picked one up at Target though, so I’m not sure this one fits right either. Lol!

  26. Erika A. says:

    I like the Simplicity in the Suburbs FB page.

  27. Erika A. says:

    And I also just liked the Title Nine Edina FB page.

  28. I bought one 2 months ago, trying to run more. Grabbed a clearance one at target, pretty color but so uncomfortable

  29. Jennifer Essad says:

    it’s been well over 3 years, I can’t stand to wear them I feel like a stuffed sausage wearing them. I also can’t pull them up and over my head to remove them due to limited range with rotating my arm/shoulder. I’d love to see how this brand works for me!

  30. Jennifer Essad says:

    I follow Simplicity in the Suburbs on facebook

  31. Jennifer Essad says:

    I’m following Title Nine Edina on facebook too

  32. I bought my last one from old navy about 6 months ago to wear on the elipital machine once in a blue moon!!

  33. I follow Simplicity in the Suburbs on FB

  34. I’m following Title Nine on FB now!

  35. Michelle Worthy says:

    I bought my last sports bra 4 years ago. I seriously need to go get another one. 🙂

  36. Lisa Domeyer says:

    I have never been fitted and think it would be great! I grab one from target when the old one wears out. I like Simplicity and Title 9 Edina. Thanks for a chance to win!

  37. I have never bought a sports bra. I would share this with a friend or offer it to my sister-in-law.

  38. I like Simplicity in the Suburbs on Facebook.

  39. I like Title Nine Edina on Facebook.

  40. Stephanie Martinson says:

    Bought my last sports bra before my first trimester of pregnancy was over. My daughter is now 14 months old, I don’t weigh the same, my breasts after two kids nursing for a year almost a decade apart, nothing fits. I haven’t been in anything not nursing related in nearly two years.

  41. Michelle B says:

    When you are an avid runner it seems like you never have enough sports bras, especially during the summer. I have only found two bras (the panache and the tata tamer by lulu lemon) that have ever held me tight during my high impact workouts and gosh those get expensive. I bought my last tata tamer March of 2015. Ugh… I need a new sports bra!

  42. Emily Best says:

    I last bought sports bra from Target two years ago and it isn’t as comfortable any more.

  43. Emily Best says:

    I follow Simplicity in the Suburbs on Facebook

  44. Emily Best says:

    I follow Title Nine Edina on Facebook.


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