My Review of Evereve’s TrendSend.

After sharing months and months of Stitch Fix reviews, several people suggested I try out Evereve’s Trend Send program. I was intrigued especially because there are stores local to me and the idea that if I found something I liked I could go and get it in other colors, sizes etc whereas with Stitch Fix what you get is what you get, no exchanges, getting the same thing again etc. I also heard through the rumor weed that you could request sale/clearance items. Mama likes a deal!

Spoiler alert–>All in all I was pretty disappointed with TrendSend. I didn’t feel like the stylist “got” me or even took the time to “get” me at all. Similar to Stitch Fix, you fill out a style profile with sizes, color preferences and even include links to social media.

My box was shipped out in less than 24 hours after I signed up and while I was immediately excited, once I looked through the box that excitement waned.

Here’s what I got:

Michael Stars Madison Jersey Cozy Pullover: {$98} It’s a pretty simple {yet very comfy} top. Can’t spend $100 on a cozy sweatshirt.


Decision: RETURN

Good Hyouman The Saige Cardy: {49.99} I really didn’t need another black cardigan in my closet but one try on and I was in love. The length, the pockets, the hood. And the price was right.

trend7 trend8

Decision: KEEP

Sundry Long Sleeve Dot Raglan: {$74.99} No offense but if there is anyone in my life who would spend $75 on this shirt, we need to chat.


Decision: RETURN

BOBI Cross Front Tissue Jersey Tunic: {$44.99} I really wanted to like this but it was too short and too thin for me.

Decision: RETURN

Free People Frontier Henley: {$68} There’s no photo because this was ginormous. There was no way to adequately capture how terrible this looked on me.

Decision: RETURN

Red Haute Nantucket Striped Pullover: {$68} I love stripes so this would be an easy sell but the off the shoulder thing wasn’t for me.


Decision: RETURN

Bench Inject Pullover: {$78} I truly love this top and really oscillated on what to do. While I do love the texture, the front pocket, the color and the fit I decided to keep an eye on it online and maybe get it at a better price when it goes on sale at Evereve.

trend trend2

Decision: RETURN

Paige Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Boyfriend: {$189} I’m a sucker for a good pair of denim and I LOVE Paige denim and while I did like this the fit wasn’t perfect and if I’m going to spend that much on jeans they need to be perfect.

trend5 trend4

Decision: RETURN

The check out process wasn’t easy or intuitive, no reminder emails and nothing automatically bringing me to my TrendSend to check out. It also doesn’t charge me until the clothes are returned. I wasn’t sure if I needed to include the packing slip to return things or just send back with nothing. It felt a little insecure to me.

So all in all of the eight items, I ended up keeping one. I’m not sure if I’ll try it again. Like I said above I like the idea that there are local Evereve stores I could always buy the same thing in a different color or size or in my case on the inject pullover, wait for a sale but I also came close to not purchasing anything and would have hated to spend $20 {yes, they charge the same styling fee Stitch Fix does} and not even like it. I’m not sure if the stylist I was assigned was in a hurry or just chose not to try to style me but I didn’t really feel like she “got me”, my style OR my budget. I might wait it out and see if the TrendSend program improves and try it then but in the meantime I’ll stick with Stitch Fix.


What do you think? Have you tried Evereve’s TrendSend program? Did you like it?

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  1. With Eververe’s program I would have expected them to send what is trending. I have found Stitch Fix usually sends some new trend. Seems Eververe missed the mark on backing up their program name with the right merchandise.

  2. Got to love a black cardigan!! However the off the shoulder shirt made me chuckle! 🙂