My 7th Stitch Fix


For over a year now, I’ve been getting Stitch Fix. It really does feel like Christmas every time one of the boxes arrives at my doorstep. I am always excited to see what goodies and have high hopes for what’s inside.

Once again, I was NOT disappointed by the choices and this was the first time that I really struggled with what to keep and what to return. So much so that I was a few days late checking out and sending my box back.

Here’s what I got this time:

Gillian Sleeveless Dress: $68

sf sf2

I almost didn’t try this on because I already have a black sleeveless dress but honestly, so glad I did. I love the way it fit and felt and love that it’s just a little bit more dressy than my other black sleeveless dress.

Decision: KEEP

Rose De Paris Johnston Cross Back Knit Tee: $44

sf7 sf8

I LOVE stripes and initially loved this one, especially with the back. But the fabric wasn’t quite me and I felt like it would stretch out too much when I would wear it.

Decision: RETURN

Pixley Brilla Mixed Material Knit Top $44

sf9 sf10

Truly loved this one and am totally kicking myself for sending it back. My Stitch Fix complaint? That you can’t change your mind once you check out.

Decision: RETURN

Brixon Ivy James Laser Cut Dress $78

sf3 sf4 sf5

Love this one but have a similar dress in the same color. It also was a little snug in the chest area.

Decision: RETURN

Papermoon Garland Geo Print Maxi Skirt $58


Again, I loved this one. Really loved this one. Was so close to ripping off the tags and wearing it one day buuuut $58 for a cotton maxi skirt is, even with Stitch Fix credits, more than I’d like to spend.

Decision: RETURN

All in all, this fix was a good one. I’m still thinking about that skirt and that top I sent back regrettably. I’ve scheduled my next fix for November so I can update my holiday wardrobe a little bit.

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Have you tried Stitch Fix out yet? What have you liked or not liked? If you haven’t signed up yet what are you waiting for?

For a $20 styling fee, you fill out a questionnaire and all of your likes/dislikes when it comes to clothing, style, price points etc and a stylist puts together five pieces they think you might like. Hate it all? The only cost is the style fee. Love it?  Your $20 style fee goes towards your purchase and if you buy all five items you receive a 25% discount.

If you sign up and use my link I receive referral credit {it costs you nothing more or less by using my link, I’m just disclosing that I will receive credit}.


  1. I got mine last week too and also blogged it today! I love the dress you kept and I can understand your regret over the shirt and skirt too! I am almost regretting one of the tops I sent back too!

  2. Samara, have you tried Evereve’s Trendsend? Similar to Stitch Fix but $0 cost – they ship to you, you decide & free shipping if you return. I tried 1 so far, sent everything back but am wondering if it takes a few boxes for them to figure out ones’ style as I know I sent back all of my 1st Stitch Fix too but then the next couple got better…


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