My 6th Stitch Fix

My 6th Stitch Fix came this past week. I’ve been trying to schedule one every two-three months because they are typically a little bit more than I would usually spend on clothes but it’s been really fun to see what comes each time and I also know that many of the items I’ve received are things I wouldn’t normally have looked at or even tried on if I saw them in the store.


This is what I got:

1. Pixley Jakobe Maxi Dress $78

I knew I would love this one when I saw it in the box and even though I probably don’t need another dress in my closet, I’m keeping it. I already wore it out to dinner last night.


Decision: KEEP

2. Mystree Monica Dress $68


In theory I liked this dress but I didn’t like it on myself. Too tight and too much stripes going on.

Decision: RETURN

3. Papermoon Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse $38


This is the perfect top to dress up or dress down for a professional event or a dinner out with friends and the price point? Perfect.

Decision: KEEP

4. Chambrai Norene Linen Cuffed Shorts $64


When I saw these in the box I hated them and contemplated not even trying them on but then once I tried them on I didn’t want to take them off. Super comfortable and actually really cute. That said the $64 price tag is pretty high for a pair of shorts.


5. Fun2Fun Sheridan Striped V-Neck Tab Sleeve Blouse $48


I immediately thought I would love this top when I saw it in the box but then I put it on and it felt too short and too boxy for my liking.


Decision: RETURN

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