On Why I Took My Littles To Virginia Beach

The idea of time fleeting hit me at the beginning of the summer. Already I had seen the shift.

The shift that used to be, “Mom, what are we going to do today?” to “Mom, can I play with … today?”

You know what I mean? That inevitable time where kids lives and schedules go from being content to hanging out and living summer with mama to wanting to be with friends. All of the time.

The dependence on me which is no longer. The idea that these little people wake up with their own plans, ideas, thoughts each day versus me planning it all out. It’s what we want though, right?

And then the idea that this is it. You only get this summer once and total, there are just 18 before we send them off to flight. So one day while perusing Facebook, I saw my uncle post something from the oceanfront of Virginia and knew my littles and I needed to go. {Like literally within 24 hours of his post we had a trip planned.}

So go we did, thanks to an aunt who drove with us there and back {no small feat, my friends, no small feat at all} and my aunt and uncle in Virginia Beach who hosted us. {And can I just say being with extended family, my moms sisters, for this trip made it all that much sweeter?}


Minnesota to Wisconsin to Illinois to Indiana to Ohio to Pennsylvania to Maryland to DC and Virginia. My littles are pretty much super star travelers and Miss F is the best one of them all. And I will be doing a traveling with littles post due to popular request!

We had a great time. I loved showing F the ocean for the first time, seriously enjoyed watching H and E fall in love with the beach and the waves and the coast and just soaked up the time I had.



This right here? Worth every minute.

It wasn’t perfect by any means. My 8 year old drove me crazy with his more, more, more mentality and my 5 year old’s potty talk was enough to make me lose my cool, more than once. That said, my littles were 1100 miles away from home with just me and my two “motherly” aunts, I think a little grace is due.

Also? I’m pretty sure I too was once a potty talking five year old and a more, more, more 8 year old.

The nearly 10 days we were gone were good for my soul. While we missed J and the bigs and had big happenings happening at home, we made the most of our time, our summer and the fleeting moment that is their childhood and I will be forever grateful.


  1. Oh my gosh…I LOVE the picture by the lighthouse!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Love the pictures! Sometimes those kind of trips – spur of the moment are the best ones!

  3. We LOVED having you all!! I Loved the noise and the life you brought into our home. And yes it was crazy at times!! LOL… Love you all.. Auntie Laurie.