On Grace and Flip-Flops.

Miss E and I went on a date this afternoon. I joke about my high on life, unicorn and rainbow dreaming girl and yet I know I need to be more like her. She is giving and grace filled and so very curious, yet she just gets things. We helped with the homeless ministry at church tonight and it was as though I could see the wheels in her head turning as she realized that the families there didn’t have a home to go home to and that she did. She is smart and sweet and yet can be sassy when she wants to be.

I snapped at her two days ago now about something so ridiculous. Flip-flops.

{First of all I want to know who decided to create flip flops for children because oh my word, what a mess. All of the walking and the toe confusion and the shoes falling off business kind of makes me crazy.}

I snapped at her because I can NOT stand when she wears those shoes and the drama that ensues but really I snapped at her because inside I was exhausted and overwhelmed about life behind me and before me in that moment. {Last week had been quite the week round here.}

For two days I walked around feeling bad about it, knowing it was wrong, knowing it was more about me than about her and her footwear choice and so today, this afternoon, we went on a school shopping and Starbucks date and I apologized for being such a jerk of a mom the other day.

I’m fairly certain she couldn’t even remember or chose not to remember what I was even talking about. I am no perfect mother, I say it all the time. I choose the wrong battles and other days forget to follow through, I’ve snapped and said the wrong things at the wrong time too many times to count but the reality is that in the end, she chooses to overlook my failures and remind me of what’s really important.



  1. At least you recognized the issue, and took the time to let her know that you care. 🙂
    We all have those moments.