My First Stitch Fix.

My first Stitch Fix arrived today and when I saw the Fed Ex truck appear, I jumped for joy. Literally.

I let all responsibilities go to the wayside while I tried on all five of my items. Stitch Fix, I think I’m in love.

For those who don’t know, Stitch Fix is a style service. For $20 you sign up and give a detailed profile of styles, sizes, body type info that you like and choose a price point. A stylist then sends you five items and you have three days upon receipt of your package to try on and decide what you are keeping or not. Decide to keep nothing and the only charge is the $20 style fee. Otherwise your $20 style fee is applied to your order. Decide to purchase everything and receive a 25% discount on everything.
Here’s what I got:

1. Sophie Ankle Length Skinny Jean {Kensie Jeans}

I thought for sure the sizing would be off. I feel like I’m picky about my jeans and just didn’t expect to like them. They fit perfectly and I really like them. That said, I’m on the fence because do I really need another pair of jeans? Price point: $88 Undecided

2. Corbin Tie-Waist Chevron Print Hi-Lo Top {Papermoon}

Right away I saw this in the package and thought it would be too bright for my liking but it actually is one of my favorite items. Price point: $48 KEEP

3. Aleah V-Neck Heathered Dolman Sleeve Shirt {Market & Spruce}

I like this one but I am also unsure. It’s comfortable, in style and a color I would wear but I haven’t decide if I’m keeping it yet. Price point: $48 Undecided

4.Dido Mixed Print Knit Top {Pomelo}
 I really, really wanted to like this one and while I do think it’s cute for a fun date night or night out I just don’t think I’d wear it enough to make it worth it. It’s also looser than I like. Price point: $58 Return

5. Elizabet Striped Maxi Dress {Renee C}
 I am really into dresses this year and I think a lot of it has to do with not wearing dresses for close to a year when I was nursing. I love this one and am pretty sure a friend and J have convinced me to keep it. Price point: $68 KEEP

I love that the box comes with a detailed note of styling ideas to put together different outfits with each item.
Overall I was happy with the experience and definitely want to do it again. I would probably do it seasonally as it’s nice to update your wardrobe with some fun, new, special items but it’s definitely not in our budget to do it monthly and it’s definitely more than I would spend on clothes on a regular basis.

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What do you think? If you haven’t and want to, I’d love it if you used my referral link. Also, what do you think about my undecideds? Keep ’em? Return ’em?


  1. I think the dress is super cute! and looks really nice on you. I liked the jeans, but yeah, that is kind of pricey. The tops were all cute but I like the one that you said you would probably keep the best (the colorful one). I think this is a really cool service!

  2. Super cute dress! I agree this one should be a keeper for you Looks great on you. The tie-waist top and jeans are you!! Must agree a bit pricey.. How is the quality of the material? I’m going to check them out..
    Love you all Auntie Laurie

  3. I’m not a giant fan of the polka dots on that top. But I love the other pieces! Great fix! $88 is hard to stomach for jeans, though!

  4. $88 is a lot for jeans – I wouls skip on rhoaw. I LOVE the beige/brown shirt you were on the fence about – that was my favorite of the tops on you – at least from the pictures. I also love the dress and the colorful shirt – agree on the polka dot – not the best…a bit loose. Glad you enjoyed your first Stitch Fix! I need to check this out!!!

  5. What do you wear more often than jeans? You can wear them all year and no one knows if you’re wearing the same ones two days in a row. They can handle all kinds of abuse which is why I believe good jeans are totally worth it. $88 for something you’ll wear all of the time AND feel great in is an investment. There are two things I never mind spending the extra cash on- good pants and dresses as they can make you look and feel like a million bucks. Tops are a dime a dozen in my opinion. I have kept some tops from my stitch fix shipments but $48 on a shirt that is seasonal and more likely to be ruined the first time I wear it (thank you pureed peas) is a hard pill to swallow. I’d also love to know where everyone else on here is finding nice jeans for less than $88! This is only a little higher than what I can find at the Gap…is everyone couponing their jeans?? (this is a serious question) Looks like a fun fix!

  6. LOL Jessie – I must just be cheap – a dress I will spend more on, but jeans…I just can’t bring myself to do it…but you do make a good point! 🙂 I usually get my jeans at Kohls or Levi Outlet – not as trendy as GAP, but they are good jeans. I got two pair of Lee Jeans for $26 per pair at Kohls – that was on Black Friday, so I’m sure they were usually more…however, I snagged them up at that price!

  7. I would have kept that chevron top too! It’s darling on you!! I am going to miss Stitch Fix this summer while I curb my spending a bit, but I absolutely love it!

  8. I agree with all your picks! I’d skip the dolman but keep the Jeans. 😉 My first fix comes next week, I can’t wait!!

  9. I love the dolman! But I am always drawn to that color. I love the dress and top that you decided to keep, too! My next fix has shipped and will be here on Monday–can’t wait! 🙂