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I recently learned of eShakti and had to try it out, with a family wedding and some conferences and events coming up I thought I should update my clothing options, especially when it comes to dresses.

I love dresses, especially in the summer. There is something nice and convenient to be said about being able to slip on a dress and flip flops after a day at the pool or the park with kids and I like the idea of dresses that both work while being “mom” and also for date night or other events.

I ordered the Chevron stripe poplin dress and was super excited about it.


The dress arrived about 10 days after I ordered it and it was perfect. The fabric was quality and soft, I loved the pockets on the sides and the length and flare of the skirt was exactly what I hoped.




It was perfect EXCEPT for one tiny thing. It didn’t fit.

eShakti offers the ability to customize your dress from top to bottom by giving them your exact measurements and even offers a pretty precise sizing guide. I didn’t custom order and I didn’t measure myself. Instead I ordered a 6 because I’m either a 4 or 6 in every aspect of my closet so after quickly glancing at the sizing chart I assumed I’d be a 6. {Why I didn’t really think about it, knowing that dress sizing can be different, I don’t know. Can I blame it on baby brain?}

I was wrong.

I got the dress on but it wouldn’t zip and I just about cried when I learned that I wouldn’t even be able to exchange it because it’s no longer available.

Be ye not so stupid and measure yourself and follow their sizing charts. Or better yet, custom order with your exact measurements.

That said, I do really like their return policy:

For your refund, you can choose :
Money-back option – customization will not be refunded.

Gift card option – for the item value plus 20% more

For example, if you order something worth $50, you will get a gift card worth $60, valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Our motive is twofold:
– A way for us to take responsibility for not meeting your initial expectations.
– To give you the opportunity to order again so that we can try and delight you the next time!

So my dress is en route to eShakti and I’ll be finding something else I like and hopefully following the size guide or customizing the dress to fit me.

I really like the idea of customization for postpartum moms when your body isn’t necessarily following a sizing chart, especially while nursing.

Are you interested in trying out eShakti? Have you already? What dresses are your favorite?

eShakti is giving my readers 20% off their purchase when using code: SITSESHAKTI through March 15th!



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Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post and I purchased my dress from eShakti myself. This post does contain affiliate links.


  1. I did the same thing this winter! Ordered what I “thought” was my size, got the dress and it fit all wrong! I ended up returning for the cash refund. I haven’t reordered yet, waiting for spring to come!

  2. I have two dresses from eShakti and I did the custom sizing – I think it’s worth the extra time/money/etc to do so (though I got mine for free for blog purposes) – though I will warn I’ve seen some of my other blog friends still find the sizing off even when they did the custom sizing. Both of my dresses fit great though.

  3. I was lucky, my eShakti dress fit without customizing! And I lurv it! And it has POCKETS!