Guest Post: Mom Business Spotlight- Lolly Daisy

As a mom who loves initials and all things personalized I was excited to learn about Lolly Daisy and invited Kathy Schultz to write a guest post on her new to the scene business this year.

Are you a fan of personalized kids stuff? Can you see yourself using LollyDaily?

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Parenting is a big job. Our list of responsibilities begins with that daunting task of finding the perfect name for the baby on the way. It’s no big surprise that as our kids grow up we often invest in items for them that display these names we worked so hard to choose.

Backpacks that say Sophie, wall letters spelling out Mason, step stools bearing the name Jacob and of course countless dresses, hats, sweaters and jackets monogrammed with their names and initials.

Personalized items tend to be a costly investment and it’s great to find the ones that can really stand the test of time. But as we all know, kids grow fast, and these monogrammed items that once seemed “timeless” are quickly outgrown either physically or emotionally by our kids.

Finding a new home for most of the things our kids outgrow is a no brainer. Charities are happy to take them and our friends always appreciate a good hand-me-down. But what about that precious personalized chevron dress your Olivia left in excellent condition or that darling “Owen is 1” birthday hat he only wore once? Why not make a return on your investment for these quality items while giving another child with a matching name a chance to enjoy them too?

New to the scene this year is It’s the only site dedicated to helping people buy and sell new and very gently used personalized and monogrammed kids items, and it’s here to help you get a return on your investment.

I started this site as a way to help you sell those special personalized things, and help others find those items at prices they may not otherwise afford. Perfect for busy parents, this site is super easy to use. Just snap a quick pic of the personalized treasure you’re ready to unload, give it a price and upload it to sell on the site. Buyers can search by name or initials to find a match and even sign up to receive email alerts when new listings matching their name and initial search are added to the site. On, retailers are selling already personalized floor samples and “mess ups” (wrong thread color or name spelling) at huge discounts as well as the custom made-to-order monogrammed merchandise we all love as well.

A more community oriented approach to finding a new home for these timeless treasures is to organize a swap party with your child’s school or local community center.  Organize tables in alphabetical order and let party goers shop and swap with parents of kids with like names.   Looking for a fundraising opportunity?  Take the money earned on sales and put it toward the school’s effort to buy new computers or gym equipment for the community center.

Craig’s List and eBay are more traditional ways to connect buyers and sellers of gently used items.  The trick when selling personalized items here is choosing descriptive search terms and keywords so your listing doesn’t get lost among the other countless types of items sold on these sites.

Knowing there are ways to earn back some money on those personalized investments may make it a bit less intimidating to purchase these items in the future.

Maybe for your teenage daughter you’ll agree to splurge on some of the adorable pink monogrammed UGG boots offered on www.

As for your little superhero in the making, check out   Here you can choose and personalize your very own superhero outfit – cape, mask and power armbands. Choose from a number of symbols for their personal emblem, or even choose a letter. You’re little superhero will be on call to save the day all year long.

If you have a little girl looking for something fun and interactive, check out the “Design a Custom Barbie Doll” page at Here she can go online, chose her doll’s “look” – 3 custom outfits, including a doll-sized t-shirt personalized with her name.

We spend a lot of time picking the right names for our kids.  Investing in items that bear their names is time well spent.  Now that it’s easy to find them a new home, these personalized items are more timeless than ever.