Insta-Friday Photo and Link Dump.

It’s spring break ’round here and though I had big dreams and plans to do and see and go a lot of places it was mostly a week of the kids catching up on playing with friends and enjoying down time and free play and just life. And it’s really ok because I think sometimes you just need a week like that.

On Tuesday, H did some baking all my himself. He was so proud I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the recipe should have made 6 instead of 3.
Easter Eggs have been decorated!


And perhaps the highlight of H’s spring break was going to Skyzone with a friend.

It was a good week. Everyone is back to school next Tuesday and while the routine and schedule of that is appealing it’s been nice to have a leisurely week and no alarm clocks.


I skipped Talk to Me Thursday this week but I do have some links that I think are worth sharing:

On Gay Marriage. This essay I read this morning is exactly what I’ve been wanting to say all week.

“It seems strange that a people who call themselves Christians would spend so much time fighting about issues Jesus rarely if ever even talked about, and yet will all but ignore the people and situations where he spent most of his time.” {excerpt}

What I think is most sad to me about the things I’ve seen and read this week from Christians is the fact that it’s Holy Week. Easter Sunday is often referred to as the “Superbowl” of the church. When I see Christians posting and saying negative/mean/nasty/judgmental things about the idea of gay marriage and in the next breath saying all are welcome at their church, I am confused and I’ve spent my entire life in the Church. What do you think those messages say to someone who has never heard the Good News? Telling someone you hate their lifestyle/calling them names and then inviting them to your church Sunday does little to NOTHING to promote the kingdom of God.

And if there’s anything I know it’s that God’s story is for all of us, friends.

On giving away door prizes, pony rides, and gazillion eggs for Easter when the Gospel ought to be enough. This is old but I love what Eugene Cho writes about the consumerism tactics used to get people to church. We visited a local church several years ago that sent us a coffee gift card afterwards for visiting. I was so turned off by their gesture I couldn’t even think about going back.

“What you use to attract, you must use to keep people.
It works. It’s true.
It’s also dangerous…
Partly because we forget or don’t want to acknowledge that what we use to “bring” people to church is what we then feel pressured or tempted to use to keep them to stay. Consumption breeds more consumption.
Translation: We’re using consumer tendencies to entice people and thus, we have to create unrealistic or dare I say, “unholy” consumeristic ways to keep people.” {excerpt}

God’s word is the prize, friends. No amount of gift cards and Easter eggs and special raffles will be able to beat that.

On a totally different note, I found this article on homeschooling very interesting. Spoiler alert: next week’s perspective on education guest post is on homeschooling! 

Finally, don’t miss the Bruegger’s giveaway over here and enter to win Harlem Globetrotters tickets over here.

Happy Easter, friends. May your weekend include hearing the Story that never gets old.


  1. Love all the picture’s it is nice just to be!!! Happy to here everyone has had a fun filled week. Happy Easter!
    Love you all
    Auntie Laurie

  2. I’m so glad to read your section on gay marriage. I started to compose my own post on it this evening, but abandoned it, deciding it was too controversial to dive into on my little mommy blog. Then I read your words, which sums up a lot of what I have been thinking. “I am confused and I’ve spent my entire life in the church.” Such a relief to hear somewhere else verbalize my thoughts!