Talk To Me {Thursday}

There’s lots on the interweb I want to talk about this week.

1. Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer’s decision that all employees need to work in the office, no more work from home/telecommuting.

My thoughts: Very old fashioned way of thinking considering Yahoo is an internet company and without the ability to work from home, I likely wouldn’t be working. However, I wonder if this may be a case of not so great employees blowing it for all. I “work” from home but am the first to admit that my productivity greatly decreases when my kids are home and have at times had to take a business phone call locked in my bathroom to keep the noise at bay which is both distracting and somewhat unprofessional. If employees are taking advantage of work from home situations and not really “working” then I can understand why productivity wouldn’t be as great. However the work from home people I know don’t necessarily sit playing CandyLand with their kids while sending business emails.

Which leads me to 2. This blog post from earlier this week, This Is How We Do It.

Shauna’s blog post came on the heels of a few other blog posts on dispelling the myth that bloggers and freelance writers can do it all.

There’s this pervasive and dangerous myth that those of us who write and blog and maybe speak and travel and post photos of our kids doing cute things are somehow doing all those things at the very same time, that we’re somehow able to simultaneously write well and spend quality time with our children and throw charming parties in well-appointed homes, and we’re doing it all by ourselves, that we’re just merrily juggling our laptops and our sweet babies, capturing it all on Instagram, chalking it up to lots and lots of coffee. {Excerpt}


Blogging and writing has brought along a lot of opportunities personally, professionally and financially for me and my family. That said, I don’t do much of it while watching Strawberry Shortcake with E. She goes to school two full days a week because of this. I tried {unsuccessfully} to work and balance it all without any sort of plan in place a couple years ago and it was mostly overwhelming and disastrous. {Remember this, anyone?} Now I call Tuesdays and Thursdays {and sometimes, evenings after bedtime} my work days and anything I am able to do on other weekdays is pure luck and not because I am supermom {because I’m clearly not}.

3. Daddy’s Money shoes from Skechers. Yes, they are just as bad as they sound.

Check out this clip of their commercial:

If that’s not enough for you, here’s their tagline: “Get spoiled with Daddy’s money, ultra cool shoes that will put you in the spotlight with a dose of swag and a 2-inch hidden wedge.”

“The Daddy’s Money name and the collection’s advertising are designed to be fun and lighthearted,” the company said. “We regret that some people have been offended by the name.” {excerpt of statement from Skechers to ABC News}


Oh, I’m not just “offended” by their name, Skechers, I’m offended by their entire message and meaning.

Dear Skechers, Just a note to let you know that you won’t be receiving any of MY money or my baby-daddy’s money for these or ANY of your shoes. This is NOT ok.

4. A public school district in Minnesota {Stillwater, for you locals} is looking into cutting their instrumental music program due to budget cuts. 

I personally worry about where the line gets drawn. If it’s instrumental music first, does vocal and music education go next? Art? Phy. Ed? Our kids school days, especially younger elementary, is filled with academia. Too much at times for me.

When I look back at my experience in public schools what I remember was NOT the reading and math and TESTING but instead the extras like class parties and field trips and musicals and art projects.

I am not a school district expert but I am a parent and my goals for my kids aren’t that they are academic all stars who can memorize facts and score well on tests but instead that they love learning.

So, it’s your turn, talk to me. About all this and more. What do you think about these happenings on the internet this week? Or what am I missing?



  1. I love that sketchers will not be getting any of your baby daddy’s money!!! Ha ha I am laughing so hard!!! The whole concept is so absurd!!! They won’t be getting any of our either! Not only are they ugly but totally a tacky concept to portray to our children! Where’s the respect?!