It’s Friday and I’ll be honest, I just let my littles eat Fun Dip for breakfast. {I want to make excuses like I was up all night coughing and too tired to argue but simply, I just decided it wasn’t worth arguing over.}

Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to lately {mostly from my Instagram feed}:

Winter has felt long this year but H hasn’t seemed to mind. He loves to play out in the snow with friends and even likes to help shovel. Oh to be a kid again.

Our Valentine’s Girls.
H is reading chapter books these days and is so excited about it.

My husband is so good at Valentine’s Day and I’m, umm, not. This is the perfect gift for me. My favorite treat and my favorite store. {I love you, J!}

Sick boy. He missed a day of school last week for a double ear infection and missed Valentine’s Day at school because of a fever and bad cough. {The cough he has since given to me. Bark.}

27 weeks and finally steadily growing. Oh baby, we can’t wait to meet you.


She loved Valentine’s Day. The crafts and cards she made. The party at school. And, oh, the candy she came home with. She loves a day devoted to love.

Happy Weekend, friends.

{And yes, I still want to talk about these things on this blog post…}


  1. Love the pics! Micah just started chapter books, too! SO fun! And you look AMAZING and SO cute with your prego belly…love, love, LOVE!

  2. Love the picture recap!!! Hope that everyone feels better soon!! You look really good too!