I was up way before the alarm today. Tossing and turning and thinking of the things I needed to get ready before someone’s bus pulls up at 7.

Where’d I put his snowpants?

His boots are in the garage, they need to be brought in so they warm up before he puts his feet in them.

Oh and that 2 p.m. meeting I have today, how on earth am I going to swing that when the bus pulls back up and drops him off at 2:30?

So up I got and I started in on emails that hadn’t been returned and making work plans in the midst of a grocery list, figuring in time for a shower before that 2 p.m. meeting and Miss E’s Christmas program tonight. Does she even have tights that match her Christmas dress?

It is always hard and overwhelming and good to come back from vacation, isn’t it?

The mail was brimming with Christmas cards and photos of friends and family. Handwritten notes are my favorite in the midst of the bunch even though I rarely, if ever, do it myself.

I have so much to say about our trip. It was such a good time and highlights included H and the joy of Legoland and E and her appreciation for all things vacation. My littles could have stayed on vacation. “Mom, if you homeschooled me we could always be on vacation,” H told me just the other day as we sat on our deck overlooking the Gulf.
Our bigs missed friends and school {?!?} and were more ready to come home. The differences between the ease of travel with our littles versus our bigs is a story in and of itself. {And it’s not exactly what you’re thinking!}

Last night J and I exhausted from the day and unpacked and finally settled. We talked about contentment and appreciation and how it looks so different on our bigs and our littles and how hard we’re working at instilling these.

And then we finally just agreed as we both struggled to stay awake, it is good to be home.
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  1. Welcome back! Glad you had a good time, hope you’re able to ease back into the week ok!

  2. Daddio & Teresita says:

    Looked and sounded good. Especially in H voice last nite & E this morning… They were still excited of their time. Enjoy these times its moving very fast. Love to all.

    Teresita & Daddio / Boppa

  3. How relaxig it all looks!! Ocean can be so calming. Great picture’s.
    Love you all
    Auntie Laurie