First Week Thoughts.

It’s the first Friday night of the school year. The air is a little crisper than it’s been and the sky has been overcast much of the day. It feels like fall.

I’ve baked four loaves of pumpkin bread in the last 24 hours. Two of the loaves are already gone and I’m sending another home with a neighbor. I’m in full fall cooking mode. Pulled pork warmed in the crockpot last night and after we had our token Friday night pizza tonight, I put together some chili for us to eat throughout the weekend.

While I’ve always loved weekends and grew to love them even more this summer, this school year is really going to make me treasure them.

School is good.

T and M have quickly adjusted back into their own school routines.  It is crazy to think that this is T’s last year in middle school and next year we will have a high schooler in the house. What?!

E started back in her same class, it’s a multi-age class, so she’s no longer the youngest but is still one of the quietest. Go figure.

A neighbor asked about how she does at school this morning at the bus stop and his eyes just about bugged out of his head when I said she’s pretty quiet and shy. {Also, she was pretty much having her own little 7 a.m. dance party while I was explaining how very quiet she is. Hence, the surprise.} She is adjusting, no tears, but very quiet. We see her so very differently than she is at school, that’s for sure.

H has adjusted well. He came home the first day of school super excited and said, “I made a friend who wears glasses just like me.”

He also said, “no more notes” in his lunchbox. “Mom, I had to ask a teacher to read it and it was so embarrassing.”

So yeah. I don’t get to send notes in my first graders lunch box anymore.

I wrote on my blog FB page earlier today about him not wanting me to come to lunch with him today too. I didn’t go and have decided to wait a few weeks and let him pick the day he wants me to come. You can read the post and some of the conversation and suggestions that ensued over here.

Another blogger I follow, Kristin at Rage Against The Minivan, did a video blog and sparked some conversation about opting out of homework on Babble Voices. I thought it was interesting. {With that said, I am not saying anything about our school district or my kids level of homework at all and we have no plans of opting out of homework. I just found the conversation interesting.} I’d be curious what other parents and teachers think?

How was your first week of back to school?



  1. My second grader doesn’t read the notes I send so I stopped sending them. Makes me wonder if he’s too embarrassed to look at them? Is this one of those things they wish we wouldn’t do but secretly miss?

    I wish we had put chili on our menu this week! The perfect weather! Happy Fall!

  2. Glad that the first week back went smoothly! I know what you mean about full on baking mode! I love baking, especially in the fall! Hmm…might have to bake some pumpkin bread to sell at work.