A Book, Dr. Phil, Blog Changes, and Baby Einstein. All in a Week’s Work.


What a week.

Tuesday night I got word that a book I contributed to has been published and will be released on November 1. The book is called Whose Kids Are These: Turning Points for Stepmoms and I contributed an essay on MY relationship with L, T and M’s mom, and how that changed over time.

I wrote it so long ago that I all but forgot about it until I got the email notice. I haven’t received my copy but should any day now.


For those that follow me on Twitter or Facebook, some of this is old news, but Wednesday, after a busy morning out of the house, I came home to see I’d received an email from a producer at the Dr. Phil show that was shortly followed up by a phone call. What they explained via email and on the phone was they were doing a show on stepmoms/moms relationships (including one duo in TX who recently wrote a book together and had passed my name and blog along to the producers) and looking for another family to feature on the show.

I was freaking out, because really, how often does a producer from Dr. Phil contact you?

So I got them all the info, talked to J, talked to L. Got everything squared away. Talked more to the producers and then played the waiting game.

This afternoon, after more emails and more phone calls, I found out that our family will NOT be on the show that is taping next Tuesday because we are “too positive” and “get along too well”. While disappointing to find out we aren’t taking a quick trip to LA next week, it also made me once again feel proud of this little crazy sometimes mixed up family we’ve got going here because what a compliment to be told that we are too positive and get along too well for their show. The producer said they would keep us in mind if they do a more positive story and show but right now want to work on having Dr. Phil and the duo-authors “help” a family (or two.)

I was open and up front with the producers from the get-go that we weren’t really in need of help and that we had a working-relationship and at the time they were still thinking that might work for their show. While I know that none of us in our family situation are perfect and we’ve each had our share of issues and moments, we do work really hard and really genuinely want to do what is best and what is right. Could we improve? YES! Do we at times struggle? YES! But we are nowhere near the countless issues that are out there amidst families like ours.

Getting turned down by Dr. Phil in our case, a good thing.

Plus, just so you know, Oprah would have been my first choice anyhow.

Not that I’m picky or anything. Just sayin’.

My blog address recently changed to http:///www.simplicityinthesuburbs.com . You can still get here the old way via blogspot but I am not sure how long they will re-direct (or maybe it’s infinite??) so please update your reader or favorites or links list. Thanks!


Have you heard the latest news about Baby Einstein? Well it’s your lucky day if you have any of those crazy DVD’s sitting on your shelves because now through March 2010 you can send them in to Disney and get $15.99 cash back for each of them. Mail in form and information found here.

Why? Because they really aren’t educational DVD’s after all.

Really? Is this really a surprise?

I was never a Baby Einstein fan anyhow and the one DVD we got as a gift is long gone.

For as much as our media, news and child development sources tell us too much tv is bad, I never believed that a DVD meant for babies would make my babies smarter.

But I wouldn’t be against getting $$ in the mail if I had some sitting around now.


So, now that you know about my week, how’s yours?


  1. I actually would have watched Dr. Phil on the day you were on because I would have expected something positive and healthy. The on going list of bickering & destructive guests really wear me down and so I stopped watching several years ago. I am sure he has some hopefully, upbeat episodes, but I'm not going to invest the time to figure out when that will be…unless of course it is you and your family. Let us know!

  2. Rodman Life says

    That sure was a week for you!! Mine, not as exciting..but seemed long. Mostly due to this linguring sickness, I'm easily exhuasted. Tomorrow is Nov. 1st! I'm looking forward to reading everyday! ; D

  3. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!