It is late and I am much too tired to still be awake, but sleeping is hard. While I could have stayed at the hospital and slept, I wanted to come home, to my own bed, but yet I still lie awake.
I roll from side to side, thinking, praying, wondering. My husband asks what he can do.

Nothing. This will all be a process I know. An unfamiliar, uncomfortable process I must trench through.

Oh what a day it has been.

Her body and her mind are failing her now and she wants to go home. She wants to go home before she goes to her heavenly home. And if my father could, he would pick her up and carry her to the car and take her there. But he can’t. Not yet, anyway.

Hold on mom. One more night, it’s ok. I repeat into my mothers ears as we hold her. She wants to go home.
Tomorrow we can go home. My dad tells her. And I pray he is right.

Continuing to pray, in the words of Madison, that the good Lord keep her safe on her way to heaven. May He also keep her comfortable and at peace and hold all the pieces of my dad’s heart together just a little while longer.


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