20,000 Leagues Under the Sea at Children’s Theatre Company

I’m traveling this week but sent my friend Kim and her daughter to a media show for the newest production at Children’s Theatre Company: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Here’s her review and pictures are provided by CTC.


If you’re looking for a heart-pounding thriller to enjoy with your child(ren), get tickets to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! Children’s Theatre has again come up with a unique production of a classic tale. From running down ship corridors to crouching in the shadows gathering intel, be prepared to constantly move during the 45 minute show (definitely follow their suggestion to wear comfortable clothing and running shoes & leave your bags/purses at home if you can). It is recommended for children grades 3-8 and I would agree, my nine year old was fine but younger children may struggle to keep up with the fast pace and might even get a little scared during some parts.



Starting out in a holding room that is filled with scuba gear & a radio broadcast, you are soon assigned ensign status for the mission you are about to embark on with ORKA, an elite international naval force. Within minutes you find yourself aboard the ship Titan in search of the evil Captain Nemo. This mission has twists and turns that take you throughout the underwater world of the CTC building, keeping your thoughts racing as you close in. Will YOUR team be the one to finally find Nemo? Can ORKA bring down this elusive enemy? Or maybe…is Nemo not at all what she seems and will you have to be prepared to go against everything you have been told by ORKA?

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea runs through August 23rd and tickets are available at childrenstheatre.org or 612-874-0400. Children’s Theatre Company, 2400 Third Ave. S, Minneapolis.


My Top Five Favorite Apps Right Now


I don’t really consider myself much of a “tech” person but I do enjoy finding apps that work for me, whether that’s for photos or convenience. These are my top five favorite apps right now:

1. Starbucks.
I know, I know. But you guys, it’s amazing. My Starbucks account is loaded so I can pay with my phone, it keeps track of my purchases and also…
…helps me find the nearest Starbucks and tells me which one has a drive through. This is pretty helpful information on a road trip, don’t you think? GAME CHANGER.

2. Instagram.
Instagram is one of my favorite ways to take, share and keep special memories. {I’m @samarapostuma over there! Come follow me!}
3. Chatbooks.
If you take a lot of photos and share a lot on Instagram, you must try Chatbooks. This isn’t the first or the last time I’ve talked about Chatbooks. I LOVE that it’s automatic. 60 photos are put together in a book for $6/each. Your first book is FREE with my code: AWKWQH3L
You can tweak your books too and take out pics you don’t want, add new captions.
4. RedCurrentApp.
Ok, I’m a stitch biased on this one because I work for Red Current BUT if you live in the Twin Cities, this is an app you want to get. It’s totally free and is the one place for every schedule, every event, every happening in the Twin Cities. From big shows at the Target Center to small, local theaters to sports games and breweries. It’s a great app to find things to do in the Twin Cities.
Everything is broken down by category from fitness to family to music to art. You name it, there’s something you will want to do and know about.
5. TimeHop.

I’ve been a big TimeHop fan for awhile now. Mostly because of gems like these.



What are your favorite apps?

Papa Murphy’s Flavors of Summer #Loveat425

  Read why we love Papa Murphy’s take and bake pizza and how to enter their summer backyard giveaway over here.

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Summer Freedom with AT&T’s My Filip


When I was growing up some of my favorite summer memories include hopping on my bike and meeting friends at the park or the Dairy Queen, maybe the library or the tennis courts. I remember having the freedom to take my bike just about anywhere my legs could get me and when boredom struck, I’d […]

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From the Archives: Time. {August 2007}

An old friend of my mom’s sent a little note on Facebook tonight that had me reminiscing and digging through old things I’d written and shared several years ago when my mom was terminally ill. I decided I’d repost the one she mentioned in her posting here tonight. Thank you C!  Time is a gift […]

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On Fancy Dresses and Living Life Well


We were in a morning hustle to get out the door. We needed to get to the tire place to get a new tire on the van and I was rushing. “Come on,” I called. “Get dressed.” I’d laid out outfits that matched and grabbed sandals and crocs and pretty much ran about getting myself […]

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Tea Collection’s Summer Sale

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.29.04 PM

I’ve been a Tea Collection for the last several years for a couple of reasons. Their clothes are high quality and wash up well and last and also because they aren’t the same old, same old that I often see in stores. Their patterns are always diverse and vibrant and they are a brand that […]

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It’s Time for Your #AmericanSelfie

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.19.30 PM

We all love a good selfie, don’t we? Think you can manage an #AmericanSelfie? This 4th of July Macy’s is asking us all to take a selfie, an #AmericanSelfie, to honor our military veterans. Here’s the lowdown: What’s #AmericanSelfie? In support of America’s military veterans, Macy’s is inviting customers to use #AmericanSelfie to share their favorite “selfie” photos. […]

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EPantry- A Convenient Solution for Household Shopping


I recently, after the prompting of my friend Anna, joined ePantry. It was super slick to sign up, choose the items I’d normally buy elsewhere and order them to be shipped to me. I decided I had nothing to lose by trying it and placed an order for several Mrs. Meyers products I’d normally purchase […]

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My 6th Stitch Fix


My 6th Stitch Fix came this past week. I’ve been trying to schedule one every two-three months because they are typically a little bit more than I would usually spend on clothes but it’s been really fun to see what comes each time and I also know that many of the items I’ve received are […]

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