Guest Post: Stomp! at Ordway through Sunday!

I was invited to Stomp! at the Ordway and sent my sister, Adrianne and her boyfriend in my place. Below is their review. All words and opinions are hers and no compensation has been exchanged between the Ordway and myself.
I will never look at a broom in the same way again.
As the show began, a solitary performer stood center stage with just a broom. With light whisks across the floor and taps with the broom edges, the sounds transformed into beautiful rhythmic music that brought intrigue to the entire audience.
As the additional performers came out to join the first ‘broom master’, the magic began. The audience moved to the edge of their seats in anticipation of seeing and hearing something simply astonishing!

These performers aren’t just percussionists, they are comedians, actors, and athletes. Without a word said the entire show, the performers brought us on an adventure that was understandable and quite funny! And let’s talk about the physical work that goes into making these harmonic sounds. It wasn’t just ‘banging on weird stuff’ as I originally expected, it was a full blown dance that encompassed their entire bodies. While utilizing unique materials, they also tap danced their way across the floor, onto the loft, into the audience and in circles around each other.
Without a word, they got the audience to participate in certain portions
Lighthearted, astonishing, and enjoyable are the best things I could say about STOMP. I walked out of the beautiful Ordway with a skip in my step to a whole new rhythm. And oddly… a strong desire to sweep.
Go check it out! It makes a fun date night out!
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My TENTH Stitch Fix

My TENTH Stitch Fix came last month. TEN! I can’t believe it!

If you remember I wasn’t at all impressed with my last fix. As a matter of fact, it’s the one and only time I’ve returned the entire fix. I had kind of forgotten I had another one scheduled until it was at my door step this time so I’m not even sure I had filled in any criteria but it was better style-wise.

Here’s what I got:


Here’s what I got:

Papermoon Jerrard Heathered Open Front Cardigan $47


This was ok. Kind of snug and while I do like the open front it felt a little too open.

Decision: RETURN

Renee C Katarina Knit Swing Dress $64


Well, you know how I love me some stripes and this dress feels like wearing pajamas. The price point was a little high for a knit dress but with my styling fee in there it lowers the price a stitch. Plus, a vest and boots make this look SO cute!

Decision: KEEP

Hailee C Dayanara Button Down Top $58

septstitch2 septstitch4

It’s not me. Also, a little snug. Maybe I ate a big breakfast that day?

Decision: RETURN

Kut from the Kloth Simmons Boot Cut Jean $88


These were ok. Probably a stitch looser than I usually wear my jeans but they fit ok. That said I just splurged on some bootcut denim.

Decision: RETURN

Loveappella Evie Draw String Funnel Neck Sweatshirt $64


I actually love this style and have another sweatshirt from Athlete similar to it. I did feel like this one was a little snug though. I’ve hemmed and hawed about trying out the new Stitch Fix exchanges and exchanging it for another size. I’m not sure what the return policy is though and I want to make sure I love it in the next size.

Decision: RETURN

What did you think of my Fix? It wasn’t the worst but it wasn’t the best either. I know a few people who have become Stitch Fix stylists and might request one of them the next time I get a Fix but right now I’m not sure if I’ll continue or not.

My past fixes:

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Have you tried Stitch Fix out yet? What have you liked or not liked? If you haven’t signed up yet what are you waiting for?

For a $20 styling fee, you fill out a questionnaire and all of your likes/dislikes when it comes to clothing, style, price points etc and a stylist puts together five pieces they think you might like. Hate it all? The only cost is the style fee. Love it?  Your $20 style fee goes towards your purchase and if you buy all five items you receive a 25% discount.

If you sign up and use my link I receive referral credit {it costs you nothing more or less by using my link, I’m just disclosing that I will receive credit}.

Sever’s Fall Festival Celebrates 20 Years! *Giveaway*


Sever’s Fall Festival is celebrating their 20th year this fall and it’s no surprise to me that families love including them in their fall traditions. My family had the opportunity to visit Sever’s for our first time this past weekend. I am a big, huge fan of all things fall so the idea of checking […]

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Six Things To Know Before You Go to Junk Bonanza *Giveaway*


It’s the most wonderful time of September. It’s Junk Bonanza time. One of my favorite annual sales is back and of course, better than ever. This year’s sale is once again held at Canterbury Park September 22-24. There will be three FULL days of junk shopping. If you are a junk-lover or aspire to be, […]

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Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReSTORE opens THIS Weekend


If you are a Fixer Upper, home reno lover or just a lover of DIY you aren’t going to want to miss the Fixer Upper Twin Cities ReStore opening this week. The newest store is located at 2700 Minnehaha Avenue South in Minneapolis. ReStore is a home improvement outlet that sells donated materials to the […]

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Living the Beach Dream in the Mazda CX-9


Thanks to Drive Shop and Mazda I got to zip around Cocoa Beach, Florida in the Mazda CX-9 last month for our end of the summer girls trip. At home I’m a minivan mama so I wasn’t sure what it would be like zipping around in a sporty SUV. Spoiler alert: I LOVED it! Wheels […]

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Save on Cirque du Soleil Tickets at Target Center

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.11.16 PM

I have never been to a Cirque show but am so excited to see one later this month at Target Center. CIRQUE DU SOLEIL: TORUK – THE FIRST FLIGHT, The newest Cirque du Soleil touring show inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar will be at Target Center Sept. 28- Oct 2. My readers are invited to […]

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Save Money on Krazy Kids Inflatable Run in St. Cloud this Month

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.41.35 PM

We’ve all heard of all the crazy, fun runs for adults- color runs and mud runs and other obstacle courses Why should adults have all the fun? There’s going to be a Krazy Kids Inflatable Run in St. Cloud later this month and it’s sure to be a good time for kids of all ages. […]

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Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions at Target Center


I have always loved watching gymnastics. I was never a gymnast myself but always wished I could do the aerial movements with the kind of grace we see displayed on tv. From time to time, my friends and I would “pretend” we were gymnasts with elaborate floor exercises that bordered on a dance so poorly […]

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Christmas in August at The Saint Paul Hotel


It’s Christmas in August at The Saint Paul Hotel! Read more here.

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