On Choosing Your Own Adventure.

Fall is my favorite. I love summer, don’t get me wrong. I love the lack of structure and schedule and the pool and the sunshine and the beauty of a park day. But I really love fall. When routines start again and the leaves change and the air is warm in the afternoon and cool at night.

I love leaves and pumpkins and harvest fests. If we could go to one every single day it would still not be enough.


Last weekend I had a little woe is me do si do. “We haven’t even gone to buy pumpkins,” I whined to J. Between weekends with projects and sickness and J’s dad and everything else the weekends have flown by. Now this is where J balances me out because when I am whining that we haven’t done anything “fall” he reminds me of the trips to 101 Market and our Labor Day jaunt to Apple Jacks, a Friday night spent at Deer Lake and the pumpkins we grew in our own garden. Still.

The phone rang minutes into this conversation and my dad invited J to golf the next day. The day I had just claimed for “doing all things fall”. It’s like J and my dad telepathically communicated or something.

Of course I told J to go golf. He’d taken care of sick as a dog me for days, was mourning the loss of his dad and hadn’t golfed all year. It’s as though my dad knew just where to take him, a course J’s dad loved for years and years, Theodore Wirth.

So after church last Sunday, we drove down to drop J off to golf and thinking I’d take the kids to Target or maybe even my mother in laws house for a visit, we did neither. We explored and hiked trails, wandered in ski chalets and walked the dock of a nearby swim pond. We played at the playground and laid in the leaves.

We laughed. Big and strong from within our bellies we laughed.

My littles and I didn’t jump in any corn pits that day and there wasn’t any hay bales or pumpkins to pose next to but we chose our own adventure and it was better than any other day I could have planned. We discovered all the joys there were to be found around that area and it was fun.

All this to say, choose your own adventure this weekend. Don’t do what you think you’re supposed to do, try something new. You never do know what you might discover.


In case you missed it I wrote about the time I became a hockey mom over on Star Tribune this week.

Tomorrow I’ll be at the Minnesota Bloggers Conference so if you’ll be there too, be sure and say hi!

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Happy Friday!

A Day In The Life. #OneDayHH

For the third year in a row, I participated in the fun Instagram challenge {I’m @samarapostuma over there!} that is #OneDayHH. Laura over at Hollywood Housewife dreamt of a day where we just shared the ordinary details of an ordinary day via social media.

It’s so easy to perfectly craft a photo for social media. To think, oh this would be a great picture or oh, the story behind this one. But we easily gloss past the nitty gritty, somewhat boring details of a normal day.
The thing I love about participating in the day is that it’s just so normal. You scroll through the feed and you see coffee cups and kids in carseats and parking lot drop offs and Target runs and rushed lunches and nap time. You see homework and the normalcy of work days whether that is from home, or a workplace or whether that’s a spouse returning from work. In the evening, there are pictures of wine glasses and Netflix as Instagram winds down for the day.

Oh, such a normal day.

Though this year’s #OneDayHH has passed, I encourage you to choose your own normal day and chronicle the daily nitty gritty. The things that don’t usually make it to your social media feed. The chaos, the boring, the bliss, the joy of a normal day.

“Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure that you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow.” Mary Jean Irion

Lark Toys in Kellogg

Just before school started we took the kids on a little adventure to Lark Toys in Kellogg. I admit I was a stitch skeptical of the idea thinking what in the world will we do at a toy store? And it’s how far away? But alas it was a great time. All of our kids […]

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On Serving Well.


This morning we sat gathered with friends and family and people we don’t even know, who knew my father in law, to remember his sweet 83 year old life. My father in law passed away 10 days ago now and life has been such a whirl with details and planning and too much pneumonia in […]

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It’s Going to be a very Frozen Halloween. {GIVEAWAY!}


If I were a betting woman I would bet that there are going to be just a few Anna’s and Elsa’s and Olaf’s trick or treating this Halloween, wouldn’t you agree? The trouble is finding all the right costumes, accessories. EVERYTHING. Am I right or am I right? Thanks to the help of friends and […]

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Five Reasons to go see Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day This Weekend! {Review}


Two of my littles and I went and saw Disney’s Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day on Tuesday night and it was a hit. We are already planning on taking J to see it and can be sure it will be a family hit! Here’s five reasons we think you should […]

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threeletterbirds Giveaway


Few things make me more excited that seeing people find a passion, whether that passion is to create or write or travel or whatever it is, seeing the spark of creativity and excitement about life and what they are doing is so exciting for me. It has been really fun to see my friend from […]

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Busytown the Musical at Children’s Theatre Company


Miss E and I were able to attend Busytown the Musical at the Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis last weekend! Busytown The Musical is based on the Richard Scarry book, What Do People Do All Day and was adapted for the stage by Kevin Kling. Synopsis: Huckle the Cat’s curiosity drives the story of Busytown the […]

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Gone Girl {Review}


I’ve been really excited about Gone Girl the movie ever since I heard the Gillian Flynn book was being made into a movie. Once I heard Ben Affleck was in it, I was pretty much sold. I read the book with my book club in the fall of 2012 and quickly thereafter had to read […]

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October is SIDS Awareness Month! {Halo Swaddle + SleepSack Giveaway!}

October is SIDS Awareness Month! This summer, HALO continued its mission to develop products to help babies sleep safely with the introduction of a brand new baby bassinet – the HALO Bassinet. With its unique dual-swivel design, the Bassinest is the only bassinet that moves to bring baby to mom. It allows baby to sleep […]

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