My Third Stitch Fix.

My third Stitch Fix arrived Friday afternoon and I was really excited. I waited to open the box until I knew I’d have time to try on every piece and had high hopes after such successful fixes this past summer.

You guys, I was bummed.

This is my least favorite fix.


Here’s what I got:

Daniel Rainn Rivera Damask Textured Blouse $48
I hated this. Shapeless and too flowy for my liking. I would imagine this is one of those overpriced tops I would purchase and wear one time and never again.

Decision: RETURN

Rune Porter Legging $38

I almost didn’t try these on because I have leggings of the $8-$15 variety from Target and Old Navy but I did and I will say they are probably the most comfortable, quality leggings I’ve ever worn. I think $38 is pretty steep for a pair of leggings but I also don’t want to lose my $20 style fee so might get them anyway.

Decision: UNDECIDED only because I don’t want to lose my style fee

41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse $48

I bought a top by this brand in my last fix and I do really like and wear that one. I like the fit, the fabric and the length on this one especially because it’d be a good top for leggings or skinny jeans. That said, I do not love the color.

Decision: UNDECIDED…

Sweet Rain Thomas Striped Raglan Sweater $58

My stylist included a note about styling this with leggings which before I unfolded it was excited about that prospect but….leggings are not pants, people. I could never wear this with leggings and I really don’t love it.

Decision: RETURN

Look by M Torrey Twist Cable Knit Infinity Scarf $42

I knew before I even put this on that I wouldn’t keep it because $42 for a scarf? Need I say more.

Decision: RETURN

So this Stitch Fix was pretty awful and I’ll admit I had some high hopes to get my through the holidays. The first two weekends in December I have FIVE different events to be at so I had hoped for a few options. All that said, I’m not giving up. I plan on scheduling another fix for either late December or early January and maybe might go add some more specific instructions on my profile.

My First Stitch Fix
My Second Stitch Fix

Have you tried Stitch Fix out yet? What have you liked or not liked? If you haven’t signed up yet what are you waiting for?

For a $20 styling fee, you fill out a questionnaire and all of your likes/dislikes when it comes to clothing, style, price points etc and a stylist puts together five pieces they think you might like. Hate it all? The only cost is the style fee. Love it?  Your $20 style fee goes towards your purchase and if you buy all five items you receive a 25% discount.

If you sign up and use my link I receive referral credit {it costs you nothing more or less by using my link, I’m just disclosing that I will receive credit}.


Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas at the Children’s Theatre

Miss E and I had the pleasure of going to opening night of the Grinch on Friday night at the Children’s Theatre. I’ve seen this show a couple of times at the same theatre but will never tire of the story, the colorful costumes and characters and the songs. It’s catchy and funny and heartwarming and you will leave with the Christmas spirit.

Most everyone is familiar with Dr. Seuss’ beloved Christmas story- The Grinch, played by Reed Sigmund, doesn’t like Christmas or the Who’s or anyone in Whoville for that matter. He tries to ruin it for the small and happy town but his heart grows thanks in large part to Cindy Lou Who and the love she shows him.
Other company actors cast in the show include: Traci Allen Shannon, Gerald Drake and Autumn Ness. But perhaps it is the role of Cindy Lou Who played by Natalie Tran that steals the show. Natalie has been with CTC since she was 6, she’s 9 now.

Another show-stealer? Old Max played by H. Adam Harris. His storytelling ability and believable character is amazing.

We loved the show. Each time we see a production at Children’s Theatre Company, it’s better than the last. The vibrant colors, exuberant singing and stage energy and beautiful message are all reasons I’d recommend seeing it. If you don’t leave feeling warm Christmas fuzzies you might want to make sure YOU’RE not the Grinch.

It’s good for all ages, from the tines to the older ones, though I’d suggest ages 2 and up.

There is a short intermission and of course refreshments are available for purchase. {Cookies from Patricks, anyone?}

All in all it’s another first rate show from CTC. So thankful to have this wonderful Children’s Theatre in our community.
Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas is at the Children’s Theatre Company through January 11. Tickets are available online now but they do expect to sell out.

If you go: Arrive early and enjoy the lobby decorations from Bachmanns, pre-purchase your intermission snack and ENJOY!

Disclosure: I was given tickets to opening night thanks to a relationship I share with the Children’s Theatre Company. All words and opinions expressed are mine.

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